SOHO Motorsports VR30DDTT Stage One Package

SOHO Motorsports VR30DDTT Stage One Package

Jonathan brought us his 2017 Infiniti Q60RS in search of more power, as most customers do when they are walking into the front door of our facility. He purchased the vehicle new and had put 12,000 miles on the vehicle and was getting used to the power and was looking for more. After discussing his options, we settled on our stage one power package which would include the AMS heat exchanger, K&N drop in filters, our lower downpipes and catback exhaust system.

With the vehicle being completely stock, we decided to get a baseline on the horsepower and torque that it was making prior to any modifications taking place.

The Redsport horsepower figures that are advertised by the dealer are slightly underrated as you can see we put down a very healthy 380 rwhp and 395 ft-lbs of torque from the factory. Now it was time to start the modification process which beginning with AMS heat exchanger. Take a look at the drastic difference between the AMS heat exchanger and the stock heat exchanger as it is almost four times the size!

Quality and fitment with the AMS Performance heat exchanger was spot on and the install was very straight forward with little to no additional modifications needed.  With the heat exchanger installed, the cooling system was bled properly and it was on to the next set of modifications which included our lower downpipes and catback exhaust system.

Installing the lower downpipes and catback exhaust system provides less of a restriction in the breathing capability of the motor. From the lower downpipes to the rear end of the catback exhaust system, we increased the overall diameter from 2.0″ in some areas to 2.5″ all the way through the exhaust system with the exception of the upper downpipes.

Finalizing the modification process with an Ecutek tune was next as we strapped the vehicle back onto the dyno to see the horsepower gains from these components along with a custom tuning session.

Substantial gains were achieved as we were able to increase the torque by 112 ft-lbs of torque and the horsepower by 64 rwhp on pump 93 fuel. The addition of the heat exchanger allowed for very consistent results during back to back dyno pulls and the lower downpipes and catback exhaust allowed for less backpressure in the system when increasing the target boost pressures that were set from the factory. Enjoy a short clip of the build and contact us to inquire about this package for your Infiniti Q50 or Q60!