UpRev has been developing reflash systems for Nissan engine control units (ECU) since 2004. With a focus on data collection and calibration systems. They strive to become the premier choice for the enthusiasts and professionals who work with today’s exciting new vehicles. As vehicle manufacturers utilize more electronic controls with each model year, the need and demand for reprogramming and calibration products continues to grow. 

Nik dyno tuning soho motorsports

 Core models include Z, G, Q50, Q60, Titan, Armada, Frontier, and Juke

2003 350Z, G35, GT350 (coupe), FX35, FX45 and 2004 Pathfinder, FX35, FX45, GT350 (coupe and sedan) will require the purchase of a wideband for data logging the Air Fuel Ratios.

Non-Core models are Sentra, Versa, Maxima, Altima, X-Terra, Pathfinder, NV, Cube, and other models that are not listed in the Core list.

If you have a Non-Core model and the ROM is not currently supported, there is a $200 patch fee, it can take up to 2 weeks to patch the ROM (it will vary with UpRev’s current work load).

UpRev Parameters that are supported in the ROM Editor include:


•  Up to 5 Maps on cruise control equipped vehicles

•  Idle RPM

•  Speed Limiter

•  Electronic Throttle Control to achieve Wide Open Throttle at all speeds.

•  Rev Limiter

•  DTC disable

•  AFR Targets

•  Fuel Compensation

•  Ignition Timing Advance

•  Cam Phasing for equipped vehicles.

•  MAF transfer function

•  Cranking Enrichment and Ignition Advance

•  Injector Latency

•  K Fuel Multiplier

•  Intake Temp

•  Calculated Load vs. RPM

•  Minimum Effective Injector Pulse Width

SOHO Motorsports Single Turbo Mule Nissan 350Z UpRev Tuned

SOHO Motorsports Single Turbo Mule Nissan 350Z UpRev Tuned

UpRev in their continue development of this product has recently released the UpRev ARC License. 

This add on allows for several advance racing controls (ARC) including rolling anti-lag, burnout mod and for manual transmission only equipped cars 2-step and flatfoot shifting.  Features won’t activate until oil temperatures are in a predefined range, helping keep your car self while still enjoying these features. ARC support is currently available for 2003 and up 350Z, G35, 370Z, and G37.

*Please contact us if you are in the southeastern region of the United States and are looking to have your vehicle tuned with UpRev.* 

Phone: 704-839-0435 Email: info@sohomotorsports.com