SOHO Motorsports offers many different variations of our in house built VQ37VHR engines. From short blocks to long blocks to fully built VQ’s we are one of the country’s most prominent builders of Nissan & Infiniti VQ engines. From daily driven naturally aspirated builds to full out turbocharged and stroked high horsepower beasts, we can blueprint the VQ engine for any purpose our customers may want. Using the highest quality parts and a highly trained staff our VQ engines are some of the strongest, highest horsepower producing and longest lasting built VQ blocks on the planet.

Each one of our blocks are custom designed and built based on the specific application of the customer, but we also provide a few predetermined block stages that we feel utilize the best products for the best price.  Blocks are available in both short and long block configurations.

VHR Shortblock Package (Recommended)
*750+ RWHP Capable*
– CP Pistons (11:0 CR)
– Carrillo Pro-H 3/8 WMC Bolt Connecting Rods
– Nissan OEM Rod Bearings
– ACL Standard Main Bearings
– ACL Thrust Washers
– ARP Main Stud Kit
– Block Redecked
– Block Bored & Honed using a Torque Plate
– Block Align Honed
– Crank Magnafluxed and Journals Micropolished
– Rotating Assembly Balanced
– Thrust Clearance & Piston to Squirter Clearance Inspected
Price: Call or Email for Pricing