Infiniti Q60 Lowering Springs Install

Infiniti Q60 Lowering Springs Install

The Infiniti Q50/Q60 with the VR30DETT arrived on the market less than a year ago and has already received attention from a number of aftermarket performance companies. This 2018 Infiniti Q60RS will be the focus of product development for us this year and we felt that a small drop in height was necessary to really show how the vehicle can look with the stock wheels. A set of Tanabe lowering springs were ordered  based on their availability and  affordability,  and a few days later they had arrived.

The Tanabe springs lower the front suspension by 1.0″ and the rear by 0.7″. For the Infiniti Q60 lowering springs are the best option, as our car comes equipped with the dynamic shocks (coilovers are not currently a viable option) and the ride is advertised to only 5% stiffer than the stock spring rate.

The spring install was very similar to the older model G37 on the front, however the rear springs were quite challenging to remove since the entire rear seat section and trim pieces must be removed to gain access to the nuts that hold the struts in place. With Infiniti engineers placing the strut bolts this far into the vehicle – this drastically increased the overall time to have the rear springs removed and installed compared to the previous models.

With the springs and all of the trim pieces installed it was time to determine how different the alignment was going to be after the spring install.

As you can see in the alignment spec sheet above, an alignment is going to be necessary after lowering the height of the vehicle. We were able to get the specs within factory specs without any aftermarket arms, but an upgrade to the front upper control arms is going to be needed in the future to prevent premature tire wear.

Stay tuned as we continue to add more aftermarket items to the Q and feel free to contact us today to schedule your lowering springs or any services that you may need for your Q, ranging from Ecutek tuning to aftermarket exhaust systems and much more!