Infiniti Q50 Gains over 160 ft-lbs of torque!

Infiniti Q50 Gains over 160 ft-lbs of torque!

With the completion of our catback exhaust system and lower downpipes for the Infiniti Q60, we were in search of a Q50 to verify if any changes would need to be made in order for our Q60 exhaust system to fit the sedan. We posted on Facebook and within a few minutes we were in contact with Matthew in regards to this opportunity and he was all for it! Fast forward a few weeks later and the car arrived at our facility.

This was one of the cleanest Q50 sedans that we had seen and after installing our lower downpipes and cat back system it was now going to have an exhaust sound to match its looks. With this vehicle being an AWD and a sedan, it would allow us to cover the remainder of the vehicles that we were uncertain about in regards to fitment.

The first test would be the downpipes, and to our surprise there was no change between the Q50 and the Q60 in regards to placement and fitment.

Next up was to determine the difference in the catback system lengths as the Q50 is slightly longer than the Q60, which we determined to be an additional 8″ longer.

Taking a look from underneath the vehicle with the system completed, it surely is a work of art! Now it was time to see what gains we picked up over the factory exhaust system.

As you can see in the dyno graph above, solid gains were made throughout the entire powerband and large gains were made above 5500 rpm!  We saw a peak of 30+ whp and 30+ wtq just from the installation of our lower downpipes and catback exhaust system. With the new found power from these modifications we also upgraded the stock heat exchanger to the AMS heat exchanger and completed a custom Ecutek tune.

The numbers speak for themselves and can be seen below:


Contact us today to inquire more about our new Q50/ Q60 products and custom tuning and enjoy a short video of Matt’s car on the dyno!